Mission Statement

Touching Humanity, Inc. (THI) is a community-based arts and health education non-profit organization. We are committed to promoting occupational and social justice and disability awareness through arts programming, particularly the performing arts, and educational events that support wellness, health and active participation in life. Physical, emotional, social and mental health are necessary to lead a quality life. Participation in self-chosen meaningful productive activity promotes that quality of life. People with disabilities require the same opportunities as non-disabled populations, including the ability to actively participate in arts programs, and for the disabled actor, an ability to earn a living. Providing opportunities to participate in theatrical and other arts programs that educate and promote disability awareness, as well as community educational events, is our underlying mission. Funding for THI is derived through private donations, educational and arts grants, and various other arts and educational funding sources.

The primary activities of THI, Inc. will include but is not limited to: